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The Revision Optimiser is aimed at those who are approaching their exam and wish to maximise their chances of success by ensuring they undertake the best possible course of revision.


As with the Study Optimiser, we’ll firstly carry out an in-depth analysis to ensure we fully understand you, your situation and your revision goals. This analysis will focus exclusively on the revision phase of your studies rather than the earlier study phase to ensure you get maximum value from the process. Then we’ll help you to define a personalised revision programme that will ensure you’re revising at optimum efficiency, and give you lots of advice on how best to revise. In addition, we recognise that at during this crucial phase you’re likely to need some additional one-on-one support to help you survive the tough times, so we’re including a series of short targeted ‘tune up’ calls aimed at optimising your performance .


The package consists of


1 To cover costs, a 2% payment processing fee will be applied to all payments made by credit/debit card and via PayPal.  

2 The consultation will take place at a pre-arranged time via Skype or student initiated telephone call and will be up to 60 minutes in length. We

recommend the use of Skype which offers free Skype-to-Skype calls via the internet; however, non-Skype users can call a designated UK landline telephone number (London area code) and will be charged at the appropriate standard call rates.

3 Each Revision Tune-Up call will take place at a pre-arranged time via Skype or student initiated telephone call and will be up to 10 minutes in length each.



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To place an order for one of our mentoring products, or for further advice and information on our services, contact us on

+44 (0)20 7193 2225


You can also fill in our online Sales Enquiry form.



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