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The Finance Function is often one of the most overburdened and resource-poor areas of an organisation. Set against a backdrop of extremely tight reporting deadlines, this can lead to a situation where there is little capacity to either carry out important ad-hoc tasks and projects as they occur, or to ensure development and/or transformation of the finance function so that it can continue to meet new requirements bought about by inevitable business change.


At FTP we are committed to supporting your Finance Function’s effectiveness using our many years’ experience within this area. Our services cover all main areas across the Finance function –


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For the Finance function to operate effectively, systems & processes should be aligned with the organisation’s accounting and business needs.  That means ensuring that systems & processes are optimised so that accounting transactions can be turned into meaningful financial information that meets multiple purposes from a single source, thereby eliminating the need for rework or manual intervention. Benefits of introducing greater focus on systems & processes include


We can provide expert unbiased advice and support in this area with specific services such as



As part of their role, many non-finance staff within the organisation need access to financial skills and support to ensure they are able to operate effectively and make the correct decisions around often difficult and complex issues. The responsibility for giving this support usually rests with the Finance Team.  


We are able to support you in this area by offering a range of services, including


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The Finance function often needs access to expert resources to assist it, either to meet peak workloads and deadlines, or to buy in expertise where a skills gap exists. Sometimes this requirement can be met by entering into formal outsourcing agreements, but often the inflexibility and long term cost implications of such an arrangement for the organisation precludes this.  


Our accounting support services can benefit your organisation by

We offer consultants who are fully qualified accountants and can deliver value to your organisation, whether it’s a one day or one month assignment. Our services cover all areas and levels, including



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