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Our consultants have experience across many IT disciplines, and across many sectors ranging from finance, through retail, to the public sector. We have many years of practical experience solving business challenges through the careful adoption of technology-led solutions. Such solutions commonly instigate change in the wider institution and so we are skilled in helping our clients implement change in a non-disruptive manner, both technologically but also organisationally.


We specialise in particular in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allied to Business Process Management (BPM). See more details of the services we offer below.




SOA is very much at the heart of contemporary IT. A system based on SOA will package functionality as a suite of interoperable services that can be used in multiple separate systems. Taking a service orientated approach to developing an architected solution for you allows us to build an agile system that can flex as business requirements develop.


We believe that the development of an SOA for your business has to be carefully aligned to clear business objectives and we can help you develop an SOA approach that fits your environment and business.  


Successful Business Process Management (BPM) must have a strong technological foundation. By their nature, business processes operate across organisational structure and the Enterprise Information System (EIS) portfolio. This means a process must be able to integrate application functionality from multiple applications, and communicate with staff from all parts of an organisation.


Our consultants are experts in all aspects of BPM technologies and can underpin a successful roll out of BPM in your business.




The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a core technology to build your SOA and support a BPM initiative.


The roots of the ESB can be traced back to the early days of application messaging facilitated by middleware technologies. It evolved in part from the unification of enterprise application integration efforts with the emergence of standards such as web services. Today the ESB provides the backbone to any strategic SOA or BPM solution.


We bring extensive experience in ESB technologies to help you implement this essential infrastructure in your environment.

SOA governance is focussed on applying controls to the artefacts that constitute the SOA environment, and addresses people, process and technologies in the service development life cycle. The aim is to apply formally defined and ratified plans, policies, and other similar articles to business operations to ensure objectives are correctly achieved. In addition, because of the close relationship between SOA and BPM, it can be extended to incorporate BPM related artefacts as well.


We can work with you to develop a suitable SOA Governance strategy.



We can work with your project teams to design and build robust solutions that are integrated into your operational environment. Our experience with SOA and BPM is built on strong practical experience.


Please contact us to discuss any specific resourcing requirements you might have.


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