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We work with the project sponsors and stakeholders to understand and document the project or change objects and scope. A project/change initiation document will be produced which defines its high level scope.


We’ll ensure that the scope is clearly and concisely defined and that it has the agreement of sponsors and stakeholders.


We work with business owners from the business areas that are affected to understand the current organisational landscape and the processes concerned.


To do this, we’ll act with tact and diplomacy and use our communication skills to ensure we understand user needs in what is often a fast-changing environment.




We assist in the production of a document setting out the detailed set of requirements associated with the business change project. These requirements should enable the chosen solution to be properly developed and tested without further significant analysis.


As part of the requirements definition, we’ll ensure that the impact of the potential change is assessed and that the document produced describes the project’s objectives and sets out the requirements for each business area. These requirements will be prioritised into mandatory, desirable and optional categories.


We work in conjunction with Finance to help in the production of a business case document which identifies the costs and benefits associated with a business change project.


We’ll see to it that the business case produced for each of the project options allows the project sponsor to make informed decisions about project delivery.



The role of the Business Analyst often extends beyond the project’s initial requirements definition phase.


We can help by working with business users and the delivery teams to ensure the best solution is delivered.




Business & Technology Consultancy

Business analysis has been defined as ‘the capability to analyse the issues that need to be solved to deliver intended business outcomes’.


Typically, most projects expend the least amount of time, effort and budget on business analysis, with some research estimating this to be as little as 10%. And yet, most errors actually occur during the analysis phase of a project and are the most expensive to fix after this phase. The inescapable conclusion is that effective and rigorous business analysis is an essential part of any project, small or large, and that ignoring this fact will have potentially far reaching, adverse implications for the organisation.

Analysis diagram

Our expertise in this area allows us to offer business analysis services that ensure your intended business outcomes are delivered.


Why Business Analysis with FTP Development?

Business Analysts are key change facilitators for an organisation. As such, they need to be tactful diplomats, problem solvers, analysers and have great communication skills. They need to ensure they deliver effective solutions which provide tangible business benefits, usually within a short timescale.


If the Project Manager is the person responsible for ensuring that a project is delivered on time and on budget, the Business Analyst is the person responsible for ensuring that the right project is delivered. Our consultants have many years’ experience and can offer you the skills required to make sure your organisation delivers the right change.

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